Video to promote your business

I have been thinking about how effective these company “biographical” videos are for small business.  (click on the images to view the videos). Don’t we all love to see how things are made?  I remember taking a tour of the copper mill my father worked at when I was a child. Every year, Nortel would host a family day when employees could proudly showcase the plant floor and the milling process. I was mesmerized every time.  I  recall the smell […]

“Steal like and Artist”

Every now and again, I come across a great gem of a book that stimulates my creativity. I gobbled this one right up. “Steal like an artist” by Austin Kleon.  Wise young man is Austin.  He has been invited to Ted Talks, written several other books and is a fabulous artist and poet. I first read about him and his work in the most recent issue of Uppercase magazine. He has designed a series of blacked out newsprint poems that […]