Holiday cards for 2013

Throughout the year I am inspired by many ideas. As November rolls around, I draw on my notes and doodles for a visual that could resonate with the holidays, one that reflects on winter, on Canada but not on Christmas per se, and that would translate well into a gift card. The one I chose this year was inspired from a sculpture I saw when I visited France in August. The artist had created an outline of a forest scene […]

In the mood to illustrate

I received my latest edition of Uppercase magazine. And as I read through it, oh so slowly (I don;t want to gobble it up too fast.. I need it to last me two months until the next delicious edition) I discovered the illustrator Julia Rothman.  She has sold her illustrations to the likes of Anthropology, Chronicle books and Target.  uhkum.. impresses me anyway.  Her themed line drawings are applied to textile, stationary, book covers, wallpaper, artwork, clothing accessories plus plus. […]

Great Photography

Some of my favourite blogs are just so enticing to visit because of the great photography. You have often heard it implied that photography is critical to making your products and services stand out in the crowded media landscape.  If the customer can’t physically touch the item, or smell the rosebush you are trying to sell, I think great images that evoke an emotional connection to your company are a minimum investment required to stand out. What Katie Ate is […]