Web site owners without ownership

It’s not so obvious; that we need to record our web site account information to avoid getting ourselves into double trouble.  I’m not trying to be alarmist, but I am kind of alarmed to learn of several instances when a few friends and clients ran into difficulty obtaining access to their domain name registration or web site hosting account data. It lead to problems and created a great deal of unwanted stress – as you can imagine. One of my […]

CSS Awards

I just last week finished reading this great book on web site design. The author, Patcik McNeil does a great job helping creatives understand how the web works. He seeks to educate designers and this digital medium by clearly explaining the various aspects of a web site that help the designer with conderations for great design as well as usability throughout the life cycle of the web site.  If you are relativly new to web site design, or maybe want […]